Article Illustration #3 — How New is New?


[Forum]. (2010). DVD Phaseout? Retrieved from


Jackson, J. D., Nielsen, G. M. & Hsu, Y. (2011). Mediated Society: A critical Sociology of Media. Canada. Oxford University Press.


Remember VHS? Remember when DVDs were an astonishing new development, revolutionary, inspired? Surely many people at the time thought they would never be topped. Then came the Blu-Ray, and now many articles and forums such as this one have been written with the question of how long the good ol’ DVD will continue to be around, before being phased out like the VHS. this basically relates to a previous entry of mine “Today, the greatest thing since sliced bread. Tomorrow, obselete.” —> New things tend to not stay new for long. In movie-related matters, it’s not as crazy as the mobile devices department, but DVDs were maybe 10 years old, if that, when the Blu-Ray came out. Nowadays, when it comes to home movies, Blu-Ray is all anyone ever talks about, and companies are pushing sales on Blu-Ray releases, as one poster noted,by having “Blu-Rays coming with features unavailable on DVD” (maybe to justify their higher cost?). And yet, they’re  abig deal now, but how long before something else yet replaces them? And what about after that? I find it funny to think that one day Blu-Ray will join the Betamax tape (precursor to the VHS) in things that have been all but forgotten.


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