Article Illustration #1 — The Myth of “Race”


Unknown Author. (1999). Is Race a Myth? Jordan Institute for Families Vol. 4 No. 1. Retrieved from

Quist-Adade, C. (2012).  Lost in Transmission: (Mis)Representation of Racialized Minorities in Canada. Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

This is a brief article, written for either very young or very bored readers, on an idea that is very prevalent in sociology, that “race” as we know it is a man-made invention and in reality does not exist at all. The article states that race has ” no scientific foundation” and there is ” there is no way to genetically characterize race”. These two phrases are the main reason this short article manages to be effective, because this pair of phrases sums up what needs to be known as the truth. Race does not exist. Yes, due to human evolution due to the parts of the world they live in, and to what are essentially gene mutation over the generations based upon the same, people look different. Different skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, etc. But humans are not like cats or dogs, where different colours imply different species. There are no human “sub-species”; all “races”, as we see them, are genetically identical. “Race” is a social concept that was created by mankind as a way to differentiate one group of people from another, and eventually to judge and discriminate against certain groups based on what “race” they were. I think we all know that humans are the only animals to have a thing in their environment known as “racism”, but if you really think about it, “race” doesn’t apply in any other creature either.

Another reason why it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) exist is that there is no such thing as a “pure” race, at least, not in this day in age. Perhaps millions of years ago, when the first ape stood up on two feet and evolved into a man, that was “pure”. But nowadays, everyone’s background comes from all over the world. For example, I am born and raised Canadian and have very pale skin, brown hair, and blue eyes, but I am a mix of Italian, German, French, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Scottish, Manx, Welsh, English, Greek, and goodness knows what else. If I were a dog, I’d be considered a “mutt”. But you, you reading this, with all the generations before you, are also a “mutt”. And that doesn’t mean anything bad. Why would it? You are made from the blood of people who come from all different parts of the world, and all these different parts are equal to one another. And these parts all show themselves in different ways in you, making you unique. In fact, you are, more or less, a race unto yourself. Everyone is. And, if we are each and every one of us a race, then there are no races. Simple, right?


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